Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch (FlRRR) is a not for profit, no kill facility that offers rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary.
  2. FlRRR was founded in 2015.
  3. FlRRR relocated to Dover from Plant City in 2018, taking over a former greyhound farm property.
  4. Due to the overwhelming need to help other dogs, FlRRR will rescue other breeds with the main focus being Rottweilers.
  5. Since we are in the South, we have to deal with heart worms. This means that the majority of the dogs we take in, enter our facility with this pre-existing condition. It not only takes three to six months to cure, but costs up to $500 per dog.
  6. We require all of our potential adopters fill out and submit a pre-adoption application before meeting any of our dogs
  7. You must be able to provide proof of home owner’s insurance or a renter’s agreement that covers owning a Rottweiler.
  8. We require 3 personal references and one vet reference.
  9. We require a home visit prior to approval. If you live in an area where we are unable to have one of our volunteers perform the visit, we may take a video walk through, but this is to the discretion of the adoption coordinator.
  10. Showing up at our facility, unexpected and outside of business hours is discouraged.  Please be respectful of our time.