February 4, 2018February 17, 2021

Give a Gift in Honor of a Loved One

Give a Gift in Honor of a Loved One

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They say losing a dog is as hard, or in some cases, harder than losing a human loved one. Our dogs are there for us when we wake up in the morning, they tag along with us on long walks or even just from couch to fridge. They are there with us on our special moments, and on the darkest days. They may never say it back, but you know they love you too. Whether it be sudden or a long time coming, the departure of any pet is a tough transition. Finding a way to process and heal after the loss is different for everyone. So what should we do when our furry friends have left us feeling so empty? How can we honor their memory and legacy? Memorial donations are a special way to honor and remember the impact our pets have had on us. Adopting and volunteering are also excellent ways to share the love.

Making a memorial donation to an animal non-profit organization may seem trivial, but it is a small, easy way to make a powerful difference in the lives of many animals. This small gesture and opening of your heart, is a rewarding and positive way to strive to repay your dog for the many moments of joy they gave to you.