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Help Us Purchase the Rescue’s Land

Help Us Purchase the Rescue’s Land

$ 150000

Campaign Target


$ 147900 to go

Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch & Sanctuary needs your help more than ever. Maintaining a rescue is a unique commitment that is not meant for the weak at heart. Our goal is to help rescue, rehab and adopt innocent dogs that would be euthanized if not for the persistent dedication and sacrifices being made. This means putting your heart and soul and every penny you have into keeping these dogs from meeting death. It takes people with passion, guts and the love for innocent dogs.That’s what our rescue is all about and we desperately need your help now.We recently were told that our lease to own the property is in serious jeopardy. After being in operation for the last 1 1/2 years on the land we dreamed to be the perfect place for a rescue is clouded with concern. Since obtaining this parcel of land we have made major improvements to the property and buildings that house our dogs. This did not come easy but the improvements were slowly done to make a safe haven for the dogs while awaiting adoptions. Many sacrifices were made, along with blood, sweat and tears to help us live the dream of having suitable housing for our dogs. Let us tell you a bit about our rescue should you not be familiar with our organization. We are currently located on 6.75 acres in Dover, Fl. Centrally located close to Orlando, Lakeland and the Tampa area. We also have a satellite branch located in the Panhandle of Florida that is foster based. We are a 501C(3) non profit, 100% volunteer based, no kill organization. There are very few resident based rescues across the United States, comparable to ours. We currently can house 45 total rescue dogs  at our facility. Out  of the 45 we have here, 13 are sanctuary dogs that will remain at our facility until they no longer have quality of life. We NEVER euthanize due to any type behavior. Here is the serious dilemma we are facing. If the landlord changes the terms of our lease our rescue will be faced to make a decision no one wants to think about. The purpose of this go fund me campaign is to raise money, to keep the property we are on, to outright purchase our land, eliminating a mortgage payment,  and allowing us to help more dogs. Currently we are in a lease to own situation, and the owner is hinting that the terms could change, because of renewed interest of others wanting to purchase the property. Our sanctuary dogs will be in great danger of facing euthanasia after we promised to let them live out their remaining time at the ranch. Our adoptable dogs will also be in harms way. We have worked way to hard to let the rescue fail. It would be a crushing blow to those closely involved and a failure to the dogs whose life’s depend on us. Please, it’s urgent, we have limited time to raise funds to save the rescue.  We are asking our followers and all animal lovers to help us keep this rescue up and running and we need your support NOW. Your donations will allow us to keep the property we are on, to outright purchase the land, eliminating a mortgage payment and allow us to continue saving innocent dogs. Our vision has always been to own the property and help rescue the dogs that are neglected by owners, abandoned or in shelters faced with euthanasia.This can be made possible with your generosity and  we are counting on your support. Help us reach our goal, every dollar raised is crucial. We are asking that everyone share this fundraiser with all their friends, with a message to keep sharing, the more shares we get, the more people we reach, the more money we can raise. Thank you for you consideration and we WILL reach our goal with good people who understand the need to save dogs. 

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