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  • Added in September 24, 2019
  • Modified in September 24, 2019

Chief Senior Staffie

Chief wants to remind everyone that this week is officially known as “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet”. Well, Chief is a a senior, but if you were to spend some time with him you’d soon realize that he acts more like a youngster than an “old man”. Chief has been a guest in my home and I can’t begin to tell you just how sweet and lovable he is. He loves to sit next to you and lean up against you and he’s pretty strong. He is so well behaved around other dogs. It’s probably safe to say that being around cats would not be suggested as he likes to chase the neighbors cat from our yard. He has no signs of aggression with food, treats or toys. He likes to get on furniture…..he deserves it people!! He likes to especially take all the dog toys from the toy box and put them on the doggy beds. He likes to walk and walks best in an Easy Walk harness because he can pull for his size. CHIEF would bring lots of happiness into a home as an only dog or with other dogs. He isn’t jealous and waits his turn for attention. Chief has absolutely no health concerns which is a plus for an older dog. It would be CHIEF’S wish to finally be able to live his life in a loving home with a family. he won’t disappoint you, so please consider adopting this incredible senior dog (doesn’t act like one)
into your home.