About Me

Meet sweet, lovable Rosco. This amazing boy came to us from a backyard breeder who ran off and left all of his dogs (there were about 30, including 3 litters of puppies who have all been adopted). We were asked to come in and remove the dogs from their deplorable living conditions (see photo below) and get them someplace safe. Combat rescue was arranged and the dogs were saved. They have been in boarding getting vetted, tested, fed and good human contact. And they are now ready to start looking for their forever home.

Despite everything, or because of it, this beautiful boy is a big squishy baby. He loves to be cuddled and held, but has exhibited strong protective behavior toward the person he has bonded with. Considering what he has been through, I believe this can be easily corrected once he has been neutered and has fully decompressed from being locked up for so long. We are still in the process of vetting all of the dogs rescued from this horrible situation. However, if you are interested you should fill out an application soon, this boy will be adopted quickly!

Want to Adopt me?

If you are interested in adopting Rosco, please click on the Adopt Me button. Complete our Pre-Adoption application and our adoption coordinator will be in touch.

If you aren’t quite ready to adopt but would like help, you can sponsor our Bad Breeder Bunch or any of our dogs. Please click on the Sponsor Me button below. It will take you to our donations page where you can select to sponsor one of our dogs or contribute to one of our campaigns. You will have the option to make a one time or recurring donation.

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