Adoption Donation

We charge adoption donations for our dogs. As a 501(c)3 animal rescue, all of the donations we receive for our dogs are reinvested back into the rescue.  Your adoption donation is used to house, care for and cover the veterinary costs for all of our dogs. Most of the dogs we rescue come to us with health issues, emaciated, injured from abuse, heartworm positive, and with no vaccination history. In addition, we manage a Sanctuary for dogs who, through no fault of their own, cannot be adopted. Due to previous abuse, dog fighting or genetic defects from bad breeding, they will live out their days in Joe’s care.

In an effort to provide full transparency, below is an example of some of the costs involved when we take in (1) dog.  These costs are historical estimates, and in many cases, can be much higher, depending on the incoming dog’s unknown medical situation. The adoption donation simply tries to recover some of the costs invested in that dog, so that we can turn around and help another dog.

Thank you for opening up your heart, and your home, by adopting one of our awesome dogs.  Rest assured that your adoption donation will be put to the best use possible and will touch the lives of all our dogs.

Costs for Intake of One Dog

Initial Investment

Monthly Maintenance Costs

Miscellaneous Costs