Steps to Adoption

We strive to keep the adoption process as uncomplicated as possible.  After all, we want the adoption experience to be a very positive one, for both the human and the dog.  However, we take our responsibility for our dogs very seriously.  These dogs have been entrusted to us, via different situations, and we must do our due-diligence in ensuring that they are adopted into loving and safe homes.  This may mean jumping through a few hoops, and enduring some personal questions, but everything we do is 100% for the betterment of our dogs.

Please be sure to fill out the application completely. Leaving out important information will slow down the approval process.

A Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch volunteer will contact your veterinarian to confirm that all of your current pets are up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered. If you do not have a pet, we will verify that the veterinarian you have selected is accepting new patients.

A Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch volunteer will contact you by phone or email to set a time for your phone interview. This conversation will help us find out more about you and your lifestyle so that we can match you with the right dog.

A volunteer will set up an appointment to visit your home to determine if it is a safe environment for a Rottweiler. Please have everyone who lives in your home available at this time.

Once you have completed this process, and are approved to adopt, you will be ready to meet one of our dogs. We will schedule a “meet and greet” with your family and pets. If we believe that you are a good match for the dog, you may adopt that day. 

Adoption Has Many Benefits

Adopting a dog can be a great thing for both the animal and owner. If you have been thinking about getting a new dog, adopting one from FLRRR is an excellent idea. Scientists agree that dog ownership provides many health benefits, including the joy experienced from saving the dog’s life, companionship, unconditional love, exercise, stress and anxiety relief, socialization, and much more.  It is truly the ultimate win-win situation.