Assistance Instead of Surrender:  Options to Explore

The majority of people who contact us probably think they are doing their dog a favor by finding them a home that “has more time for them” or “can give them the home they deserve”.  In fact, the vast majority of dogs, if not all, would be better off remaining in their home, which they know and love, even if their owners can only provide 15 minutes a day of attention, a safe environment, food and water.

If you can answer YES to any of the questions below, please do take the time to explore the options presented, before surrendering your dog. We have resource links and a video at the bottom of the page, for your convenience.

Yes, we are a dog rescue, but we wouldn’t mind being put out of business one day, because dogs are simply no longer being surrendered,  but kept in their homes with the families they know and love.  Until then … we will keep fighting the good fight.

Experiencing Financial Issues?

You have options

The following groups exist to assist people who truly want to keep their pets, but are experiencing financial issues. They may be able to help you or even refer you to other contacts and other resources.

Red Rover Relief Grants, Humane Society, Angels 4 Animals, IMOM. A credit card company for health care, Care Credit. Helping owners that need urgent veterinary care, emergency vet visits or expensive surgery, The Pet Fund. Assistance for caretakers of disabled pets, And finally, Pet Food stamps, which aids struggling owners. Links are provided at the bottom of this page.

Did you Acquire Your Dog From a Rescue Organization?

You have options.
If so, have you contacted that rescue organization? If they are reputable, you would have signed a contract at the time you adopted your dog, stipulating that the dog must be returned to them if you decide to no longer keep him or her for any reason.

Think You Don’t Have Enough Time For Your Dog?

You have options.
Experts in the animal field agree that a dog requires a mere 15 minutes of one-on-one time with their master per day to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted! That time could be simply spent laying in bed at night watching TV together, playing ball in the backyard for 15 minutes while dinner is cooking, or going for a walk or jog! Surely you can spare 15 minutes per day. Pets reduce personal stress and can add years to your life – make the time for you AND your dog.

Do You Have a Strict HOA, Landlord or Property Owner and In Need Of An ESA?

You have options.
Registering your dog as an ESA (emotional support animal) will not only improve your mental health, but also, allows you to keep your dog if the HOA/landlord or property owner won't allow dogs because of breed, or size - even if they have a no pet policy!

Are You Moving?

You have options.
There are plenty of apartments, townhouses, condos, and hotels that accept medium and large breeds of dog. Many places will even allow you to spread payment of your pet deposit over multiple months as part of your rent. Check out People with Pets.

Do You Have A New Baby In The Family?

You have options.
How lucky for you that most dogs are fantastic family pets! If you can take care of your new baby, you can take care of a dog. There are a multitude of materials and resources available on helping parents to ease the transition. Organizations such as the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and even your local SPCA have plenty of information readily available. You may also enlist the services of a professional, who can come to your home for an hour or so, to help set the course for a fantastic future for your family.

Are You Having Behavioral issues With Your Dog?

You have options.
Is your dog having trouble getting along with other animals in the household or are there other behavioral issues that have led to the decision to give up your dog? If you didn’t socialize your dog as a puppy, it’s never too late to enroll them in obedience school. It’s fun and can count as your 15 minutes of bonding time! There are plenty of reputable dog trainers available to assist ... just make sure to check their references, before enlisting any services.

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