How You Can Help

At Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary, there are many ways to become involved and make positive contributions in the lives of the dogs we make a part of our family. There is something for everyone, so no one needs to feel left out that they cannot “help” in some constructive way.

Some folks are busy, with family or business or both, and cannot donate their time, but can donate monetarily, be it through one-time or re-occurring donations.  We accept donations on this website and on our FaceBook page.  All donations are completed securely via PayPal, so you know your donation is safe to make.

A large dog can easily eat 3lbs of food or more per day … that’s a lot of food! As you can imagine, our food expenses are very high. Gifting dog food is a very popular form of helping at FLRRR. We even have some generous supporters who have us on auto-ship, every month. We partner with, Amazon, and Tractor Supply. Our wish lists on Chewy and Amazon also include other supplies, such as collars, bowls, toys, etc. Our beautiful big dogs are tough on bowls and toys! We also go through quite a bit of cleaning supplies, including dish soap, bleach, laundry detergent, etc.

As with any large rescue endeavor, there is a ton of work to get done. The work is non-stop and takes place 365 days a year. Actually, with almost 50 dogs at any one time, the work is indeed never-ending. Chores to be done run the spectrum, from washing food bowls, to clearing runs, to helping with feeding, cleaning kennels, doing laundry, mowing, and a host of other things.

We have 25 dogs in our Sanctuary, who are not adoptable, and will live out the rest of their lives at the ranch. These dogs are not adoptable for a wide variety of reasons, including medical and behavioral issues, etc. Sponsorship is critical for their long-term care and housing. Our sanctuary dogs make great “virtual” pets, for those who are otherwise too busy to properly care for a pet or are not interested in a long-term commitment, but yet wish to do their part for the animal-kingdom.

We participate in two programs, which generate donations to FLRRR:  AmazonSmile and RoundUp.  These two programs are free to use, and there is no cost involved in registering.  Free registration simply includes selecting Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary, as your designated charity.  That simple … you shop, and we get donations!