Thank You!

We are so pleased you decided to support us via our latest Raffle event!  Thank you very much!  You have helped save a dog’s life today, via your donation, and for this we are grateful.

While you’re here, did you know we have an awesome SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM, whereby you don’t have to adopt a dog, in order to help the dog?  We call this our SANCTUARY DOGS SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!  These dogs are considered non-adoptable, and many were on their way to being euthanized, when FLRRR saved them from certain death.  

Please visit the page and consider how you can help these beautiful gals and guys.  Once upon a time, these dogs were someone’s pet, but for reasons beyond their control, ended up on death row, before we pulled them out.  How lucky are our own dogs, who live safe and loved, with their families, compared to these unwanted animals!  Let’s show them someone still cares! 

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support!  We couldn’t do any of this, without folks like you having our back.