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My Story

Vader was only 1.5 years old when he arrived at FLRRR.  As a puppy, his original owner would regularly grab his head and shake it severely.   After his food bowl would be taken away, if he ever protested, they would hit him over the head repeatedly with the food bowl.  Vader developed extremely severe food aggression issues, as a result of the unimaginable abuse he endured at the hands of his original owners. 

When he arrived at the ranch, only Joe was able to feed him, and even so, it was a dangerous proposition.  He has severe trust issues to this day, and you can understand why he doesn’t trust humans.  Strangers to him, simply walking by his kennel, are sure to get an ear-full of barking, because of those severe trust issues.  Vader’s aggression is rooted in his deeply embedded fear of humans.  Vader wasn’t born this way, he was made to be this way.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and rescue staff can now walk into the kennel, ask him politely to sit, which he does immediately, at which time his food bowl is put down for him.  Staff exit, he enjoys his meal, and when staff return, again he sits, they remove the food bowl and Vader is content.  He has grown to accept and respect Joe, and in turn, Joe very much cares for Vader and understands where Vader is coming from.

Some would say Vader is broken and not deserving of life, but he got this way due to some very bad humans who tortured him relentlessly.  At FLRRR, he has received a second chance at life.  He will never live in a home again, but FLRRR is now his home and his family.  He has his very own giant igloo dog home, in a huge, covered kennel, private space to run, quality food, and proper medical care.  Vader can bathe in the sun, or run in the rain, if he so wishes … he can sleep in his private bedroom, or just lounge around and play with his toys.  He is exposed daily to other dogs and humans, and so this helps to keep him grounded.  Vader is now safe and cared about and cared for.

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